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Apartment Building

Building Your Impero


Everyone wants to leave their imprint and with Impero’s approach you can develop your own lasting Empire (or “Impero” in Italian).  With alternative real estate investments focused on neighborhoods and non-institutional product with a professional approach, we are less exposed to large swells of market valuations, rent fluctuations and have downside risk protection.  Impero does not over leverage with multiple layers of debt and proactively manages its properties for longer lasting, quality product that generates yield and contributes to building your “Empire.”


We strive to keep our tenants comfortable and happy, they are as important of an asset as the physical properties. Without the rental income, you cannot cover debt service so what better way to protect cash flow than to work closely with each tenant and maintain their living conditions.


Buying at the right basis is when you make your money. Our target returns are based on various criteria but a favorable purchase price compounds the assets performance.  While appreciation is always a bonus in current times, this approach can only help preserve capital.


In today’s highflying state of instant gratification we perpetuate the adage that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  We currently utilize & consistently evaluate “prop-tech” to streamline decisions, interpret data and improve our investor experience.  Investors also receive distributions in near-term however, patience has historically delivered greater proceeds.

The Company Anchor
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